Anne Watson, Dublin

Anne is a teacher who writes in her spare time and is very interested in the self-development and growth of people. The articles in "Thirty-Eight Shades Lighter"  is for readers who find themselves reflecting on life, habits, thoughts and actions like Anne herself often did.

When something would happen to Anne and she found herself reflecting on the experience she would try and find a way to develop and grow as a person and to create a positive outcome. This is the aim of the book to help people in similar situations having similar experiences to learn from obstacles and barriers in their daily lives and overcome them.

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by Anne Watson


About the Book

“Valuing our self-worth is so vital to our well-being. By opening ourselves to the treasures of the universe, we can change our lives and those of others.” - Anne Watson

38 Shades Lighter is a collection of thirty-eight thought-provoking and inspiring essays by author and teacher Anne Watson, who offers these life-changing personal reflections on her own life challenges, so that people that are struggling, or looking to stimulate true personal growth can find comfort and inspiration by identifying with the author’s determination to overcome adversity and find happiness.

Each of the 38 passages will offer you heartwarming and encouraging examples of how to keep calm and be self-confident, when life challenges test your willpower in these trying times.

Included in this collection of empowering essays:

  • “Approval Junkie” – How to avoid living your life to please others and how not to constantly worry about what other people think of you, or how you look
  • “You Are Worth It” – How to maximize your self-worth and teach yourself patience to manifest happiness and inner calm.
  • “Ourselves vs Others” – How to value yourself and avoid materialism by not constantly comparing yourself to your friends or family
  • “Inclusion or Invisible Barriers?”
  • “The Real Secret to Success”
  • “Transform, Revive and Refresh”
  • “Purpose and Passion”

If you find yourself wondering how these tough times are going to get better, or you are just looking for a personal touch from a strong woman that has been in your shoes and found love and happiness, then you need to empower yourself to feel 38 Shades Lighter today.