Brigid Kavanagh, Roscommon

Brigid was born in Roscommon in 1926, but is living most of her life in Dundrum in Dublin. It has been Brigid's long life ambition to have a book published. She tried but failed to do so in the 1980s, but now at her 95th birthday and with the help of her sons.

Brigid is officially a published author, of In my Mind's Eye, Walking Amongst Ghosts which is a beautiful collection of 95 short stories and poems, one for every year of her life. Brigid has appeared on RTE news and several local newspapers and radio stations. Brigid has recently been featured in the Irish Central.

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by Brigid Kavanagh


About the Book

95 stories and poems by Brigid Kavanagh about growing up in rural Roscommon, working in London towards the end of World War II, and married life in Dublin.

Vivid recollections, folklore, social and local history, stories told in plain language and embellished with a sense of humour

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