Gráinne Farrell, Meath

Gráinne Farrell is a Strategic Marketing Consultant who has nearly twenty years’ experience in the Marketing Industry and has a diverse portfolio at global and national level.

Gráinne has a first-class degree in Business Management and has been involved in some substantial partnerships including Manchester United Football Club, Ladbrokes, Worlds Series of Poker, and Facebook.

Gráinne also lectures in Digital Marketing & Strategy at City Colleges Dublin.

In recent years she began writing novels with, “The Ultimate Betrayal”, being her first in the Women’s fiction genre, and was released in June 2021. Gráinne has also written a Non Fiction Business Book called “Power Marketing”. Her third book, is another fiction novel, and due to be released later this year.

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by Gráinne Farrell


About the Book

Laura Murphy’s world is turned upside when she finds out her husband Bill has been having a prolonged affair with an old work colleague. She is absolutely devastated and hurt beyond belief that he could do this to her given what she had been through years previously.

Laura struggles through an unfamiliar everyday battle, but with romance on the horizon much quicker than anticipated, her struggle becomes a lot more complicated. Trying to juggle her new life with her two kids Jessica fifteen and Ben twelve, her marriage problems along with her latest romantic interest, leaves Laura confused and unsure of where to turn.

Jack Downey is a welcomed distraction who gives her a confidence boost, but can it really lead to something ? Just when Laura thinks she has her life finally on the right path, with romantic decisions made, another man enters her life causing more havoc. Michael Smith is a property Investor who offers Laura a job at the right time. But this ends up complicating things even further. Faced with many decisions, not knowing which road she should take, Laura questions whether she should do what’s best for her, or whether to take the easy route, and try let things go back to normal.

Supporting her along the way is her best friend Sharon, who is not without problems of her own.Sharon is relatively happy and settled with her partner of ten years, Rob, whom she shares a good life with, has a great job and nice apartment. Then one day all that changes. Out of nowhere she is faced with a life-changing situation. Finding out Rob isn’t the man she thought he was, Sharon he is left both bewildered and horrified with Rob’s behaviour.

What demons lie in his past that are so bad he refuses to stand by her? She wonders if their relationship can survive. Will Rob come home and if so, does Sharon even want him back?

A fast paced novel for fans of romance, love and suspense, it is sure to keep you wanting more!

by Gráinne Farrell


About the Book

Finally a book that tells you HOW.

This book will teach you "how" to grow your businesses in a simple way. Marketing can work wonders when applied correctly, even the smallest of tactics could yield high returns.

Covering both traditional and digital marketing, there are easy to implement strategies which sole traders and small to medium businesses can use to bring immediate results. This book covers the whole spectrum of improving your businesses strategy with a step by step guide at the end to help you on your way.

There is little point improving one element of your business without considering all the aspects. Yes, if you improve your social media, you will see results. But only for a short time. Marketing tends to get itself a bad name as when not applied correctly, it can be seen to eat into revenue with little results.

You will receive solid information that businesses need to know when it comes to their customers and the market they are targeting. Each marketing initiative is explained in layman's terms and guidance given on how they should be applied. In time, you will only commit resources to platforms that work for your business and where you get results. No more wasting budget on poorly executed marketing strategies.

To be a leader, you must be seen to be a leader - and when opportunity comes knocking, you will be on top of your game!
The book is written by Gráinne Farrell, a Strategic Marketing Consultant and Digital Marketing Lecturer with nearly twenty years Marketing experience across many sectors -

Are you ready to take your business to the next level ?