Kevin McCormack, Cork

Kevin McCormack is a writer, actor, podcaster, mindfulness coach and spoken word artist who lives in Kilworth, Co.  Cork.  He came to prominence as a poet during 2020 when he shared recordings of some of his work on YouTube and other social media platforms and self-published his first book "Verses Versus Verses" in 2021.

Kevin's poetry comes from corners of hope, hardship and acceptance – informed by his life experiences and embellished by his awareness of the wider world and those in it. As a writer, Kevin is always insightful, often irreverent  and not afraid to tell it as it is - with humour and compassion.

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by Kevin McCormack


About the Book

Life is an unscripted adventure where the impossible lingers around every corner and the magical waits to be discovered. The joy lies in the journey. Verses Versus Verses is an exploration of what it means to truly be alive, and to connect to your lived experience; to experience new sensations and to enjoy those subtle moments that flee too quickly. Filled with experiences and observations from Kevin McCormack’s time on Earth thus far, this is a poetry collection unlike any other. 


It delves deep into the happiness of the good times and the paralyzing darkness of ill mental health. We live in a time of uncertainty, our daily actions dictated by the unseen. The great lockdown of 2020 has inspired many of the poems within, not least, Kevin’s widely acclaimed lockdown verses ‘If This Time’, and ‘Today, We Mourned You Differently’. Filled with raw emotion, deep philosophical thought, and the energy of a man discovering the courage to present his musing to the entire world, Verses Versus Verses is a must-read poetry collection that will warm your heart and inspire thought.  The real question in life is not what we might achieve, but whether we have the courage to attempt our dreams. Verses Versus Verses answers that.