Máire O' Leary, Kerry

Máire grew up loving books in a house with no television. As a child she visited the library fortnightly and always dreamed of having her name on a book cover. 'Freewheeling to Love' has fulfilled that dream for her.

Máire is at her happiest in the great outdoors and living in Killarney, Co. Kerry and is blessed with easy access to wonderful lakes, mountains, rivers and the beach. A good day out for her is a day spent with her husband and two boys in nature.


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by Máire O’ Leary

About the Book

Saoirse and Oisin are good friends and fellow bicycle riding enthusiasts in Ireland, who have always been there for each other through the trials of life. Their friends say they are like a married couple, but they always respond by saying that you can just be friends with the members of the opposite sex.

All was well, until one stormy day when Saoirse was rescued from the side of the road by Donal. After a slow start, Saoirse and Donal begin dating. They have shared interests in a love of cycling and the outdoors.

Saoirse and Donal are getting along well until one morning after a mind-blowing soirée, she realises no protection was used, and at age 30, she is torn between having to get the morning after pill or taking a chance on nature. As Saoirse and Donal’s passion and relationship matures, Oisin realises that he is deeply in love with Saoirse, as well. He is devastated, when he discovers that he may be losing the love of his life, along with his best friend.

Freewheeling to Love is a complicated Irish romance love triangle and rewarding romantic fiction novel set in the charity cycling scene near Kerry, Ireland. It is an appreciation of the natural beauty in and around Killarney National Park and an emotional search for true love and passion.