Patricia O'Flaherty, Cork

Patricia is a busy mum of four and is always developing fun recipes, baking cakes and teaching her craft is what she loves to do. When lockdown hit on the 13th of March 2020, Patricia knew she had to do something to keep her kids entertained and save her sanity... so she said "I'll just bake!"

Patricia started a Facebook live baking show every morning for all those isolating in their own homes, to help lighten the anxiety levels and share her love of traditional bakes to a country in lockdown.
Patricia has put together some of your favourite recipes in her book "Baking with a Touch of Magic" and there are over 100 simple recipes to enjoy. 


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by Patricia O Flaherty


About the Book

A touch of magic baking from Patricia O'Flaherty lovingly complied from her very successful "lockdown" online video recordings where she shared her methodology and delicious recipes for everyone to follow. Patricia's quirky way of explaining what she is doing along with her flowery expressive language and mannerisms are carried through in this wonderful publication.

It doesn't matter how well your creations turn out, it is all part of the fun as Patricia likes to describe how she and her followers whisked, cracked, walloped, and smashed their way through all her recipes during the lockdown and most importantly kept smiling and had fun