Servant of Time


by Theresa Jones

About the Book

A poetry collection to remind us that strangers can often treat us better than we treat ourselves until we learn to love the stranger within.  This book has four sections,

People & Life, cancer, dementia, suicide; family lost, taken before their time as in Months Mind, White Roses, I Wander.  Grief laid bare as a table set for others to dine on.   

Nature Heals, a mindful journey through the Comeragh Mountains in Bagwells Folly, Around Clonmel, Apples and others.  The wild isolation of the Nanny Water Cottage in Laytown, Co. Meath.    Footsteps reminds us how nature reduces stress through the call of the blackbird, rushing water of a mountain stream, rustle of leaves on trees in the wind or crunch beneath our feet in Autumn.   

Relationships, the resilience of women in poems about restoring self-esteem to endure life’s challenges, slay your dragons, calm your anxiety; then as a phoenix rise to rebuild your life and value your skills reflect on domestic abuse and survival in Walls, Gilded Cage, Street Angel & House Devil.  

Observations and Memories an ironic look at how people treat each other and the environment in It’s a Waste, Flymo Walk or the madness of local politics in Remember Me, written for local election times.