Behind the Half Door- Stories of Food and Folk


by Brighid "Biddy" McLaughlin and Kady O Connell


About the Book

From the cosy kitchen of a tiny fisherman’s cottage, on the salty shores of Ireland, comes this enchanting collection of recipes and stories. With their fresh approach to Irish cuisine, let firm friends Biddy and Kady lead you behind the half door. You’ll want to curl up and get lost in their heartwarming tales of food and folk.

The classic fare from their childhood, made with local ingredients from their villages, inspired Biddy McLaughlin, journalist, and Kady O Connell, designer and photographer, to take pause from their busy lives. What has resulted is a truly remarkable patchwork of Irish history, emotion-filled interviews and authentic recipes that will nourish your soul. Creative by nature, be it styling, painting, writing or designing, Kady and Biddy have always shared an intrinsic love for cooking (and eating!).

By channelling energy into their passion, with influences from Kady’s time in sunny Bondi, Australia, they’ve crafted the flavour-filled, simple, rich-but-fresh recipes throughout this book. They’ll bring new meaning to your understanding of Irish cooking, and a little magic of the Emerald Isle into your own kitchen.