by Anne Harris

About the Book

Based on the author’s own story, a novel about a mother’s search for her adopted son.

A poignant story of love, loss and redemption, spanning almost fifty years in a changing Ireland.

The author draws on her own experience of motherhood and adoption and her search for her son in a culture of concealment, where inconvenient truths are hidden or ignored.

When Sinéad Murray is approached to head a task force and return to Ireland after many years abroad, she grasps the opportunity. But what exactly is the ‘unfinished business’ she has there? And how does that influence her relationship with Jack McDonagh?

Sinéad and Jack first meet as students in the 1970s, and their lives intersect over the following years, taking them from Dublin to Geneva, from Paris to Washington. The secrets they have in common draw them together again and again, with unforeseen consequences that Sinéad will keep from him for thirty years… until her funeral.