Wisdom's Wishes


by Sinead Flanagan


About the Book

Wisdom’s wishes: How to turn anxiety into a gift that will connect your family.

This book is perfect for parents looking to understand anxiety, what it is and how it is influencing their child’s behaviour. The focus of the book is to provide action orientated skills and tools that your family can use to take on this challenge, in a fun light-hearted way. Learning to transform it into an opportunity to build positive loving connections in your family. I pepper real life examples throughout the book to help you, the reader understand how to respond rather than react to your child’s behaviour. This book won't fix anything for you, but rather will empower you to manage it together as a family.


The point of power of this book is that it puts you in the driving seat.  You’ll walk away empowered to meet your child’s needs with a different prospective, an empowered, guilt free “I am enough”, what can we learn from this latest challenge sorta vibe.