Changing Forever

@ Bill Griffin

This collection of stories records ordinary and extraordinary experiences that all have one thing in common. The events effect change in the lives of those involved.

The vary from trivial to tragic events and stray from ordinary life happenings to other world experiences.
Together they provide a varied sample across the generations and remind us of the forces that change us as we journey through life.


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Sold by: The Scribbler Griffin

Bill was born in 1954 in Clogheen, a small village set between the Knockmealdown and Galtee mountains in South Tipperary. At age 12 he went to De La Salle boarding schools with a brown suitcase and a vocation.  Five years later he returned home with the same suitcase minus the higher calling. He emigrated to England in 1976 to train as a mental health professional. This started a forty year career working in various services for people with intellectual difficulties, mental health needs and for the last six years before retirement with homeless people. He met his wife Sharon in Kent and they brought their three children to live in Connemara Co. Galway in 1998. He was always a scribbler and an avid reader. His retirement in 2018 has afforded him the time to dedicate to his writing. He has self published four  memoirs covering his life as a young child and teenager, his time in boarding school, his three years as a student nurse in an eleven hundred bed hospital and his 6 years as CEO of the homeless agency, Galway Simon Community. He has also written two poetry collections and one short story book as well as a collection of disparate memories. His other passion is gardening which he came to late and where he loses himself when he wants to find himself.

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