Finding Santeria… Losing Sanity

@ Mike Beetlestone

Ben finds himself incarcerated in the Central Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane in Dublin after being deported from Cuba for an unproved attack on a British Tourist. But he has no recall of any of the previous year, nor why he was in Cuba, nor why he attacked an innocent man.
Through patient counselling he learns he worked for a Sunday Newspaper and had been covering the activities of a prominent Irish politician. His editor had found a witness, Rory, who could provide proof that he had received money from Cuba in return for securing landing rights and facilities for Russian aircraft refuelling at Shannon.
Ben set off to Cuba via Madrid where he meets Jenny whom he immediately feels an attraction for and persuades her and two of her friends to travel with him.
In Cuba, Ben meets Rory and three other tourists with whom they share a farewell dinner for one of the group. The celebrations are cut short when four armed uniform soldiers kidnap all eight of them and drive them to a secret hideaway.
The next day, the leader of the kidnappers identifies most of the group as being the children of those who played a role in the capture and assassination of Che Guevara.


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