Finding Victoria

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Finding Victoria is the story of an adorable, yet stubborn child who meets her match when her mother, Valerie, decides to call a behavior analyst. Kay is an experienced therapist who has been working with families for years, but she’s never met a girl quite like Victoria. Kay works hard to untangle some of her challenging behaviors, and to teach Victoria her most hated task – writing. Therapy takes a sudden turn when Kay immerses herself in Victoria’s play world and discovers her secret – she’s magic. In short, Finding Victoria is Peter Pan meets Mary Poppins…with the science.

Parenting small children can be challenging at the best of times. There are hundreds of books out there listing things for you to do, but what happens when you’re in the real world, and things don’t go as planned? Is there a book for that? There is now! Finding Victoria is a training guide to the science of Applied Behavior Analysis written as a novel. The idea is to bring some awareness of the science to parents in an accessible, yet enticing way, by adding context to the lessons through relatable characters, and unexpected plot twists.

The book is for parents, teachers, behaviour analysts, psychologists, and pretty much anyone who knows a kid! It’s for anyone who enjoys a story about connection, compassion, adventure, and magic!


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