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For poet and photographer Siobhan Maher artistically combining words and images started as a hobby, but it soon became a passion. While suffering from dyslexia, the written word captivated and intrigued her, and with the encouragement of friends and sympathetic teachers Siobhan overcame societal stigma to write poetry that is both finely crafted and echoes a deep affinity with nature. Not content with remaining in the written medium, Siobhan uses photography to bring a different understanding to her words, and ‘photopoetry’, in Siobhan’s understanding, was brought to life, the ultimate culmination of which is Journeying – Photopoetry to revive your Soul.     Journeying is both earthy and transcending, with the poet aiming to open readers’ hearts and bring them inner tranquillity through an artful marriage of word and image. Journeying can also be appreciated as an exercise in mindfulness and meditation, an invaluable tool to help ease stress and dwell on what is truly meaningful.


Imagery is part of the language of poetry – the landscape, the energy of a particular place and or moment, or photograph – its past, present, future. In a very spectacular way they complement each other. This is one of the reasons poets will stand for long periods of time in one place that connects them to the resonances. They become travellers in time and of that landscape, the features and the feelings contained there in those moments, how the light changes it, how any moving part draws them further in. This is what feeds into the poem and writings of poets and philosophers. It invokes memories and experiences from their own lives, how short the perceptions and encapsulations of life in the universal scheme of things really are, which remakes the poem and the landscape, even the flower and sunbeam through clouds, so powerful. It is the reader and all those who receive this message in the poetics and in the dynamics of a moment who become the witness for themselves and others, always discovering and rediscovering. So study the lines and study the photos in this wonderful collection of photopoems by Siobhan Maher. Whatever crosses your path or mind has been triggered, such is the power of the experiences she is gifting – the great mystery of mortal human life witnessing the magnificence of nature.

Take your time and be absorbed, explore the intensity – inward, and the contemplation, the transcendent connections. These photopoems are a continuing conversation, her collaborations with nature are a tool as she writes ‘offering mindfulness and meditation in troubling times’ one for each week of your year. A human mind’s eye experiencing the world, its sunbeams captured in a poem and an image, in the way that image inspires words, calls for description, the act of translating the moment and the gifting of it into the magic of rhyme. This is what happens to her, see what she has created with her experiences – this tool for healing. So take these images, the photos and poems, with you, and make them your own, as a salve for your spirit and soul.

Then go out and make your own.

Michael J. Whelan
October 2023


ISBN: 978-1-916544-12-3

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Sold by: Siobhan Maher

Siobhan moved to Montpelier Hill, Dublin, just prior to her eighth birthday, and settled in with the locals as if born to the area. Every available waking hour Siobhan was found daydreaming on a pony or with a dog in the forest; fostering her childish love for nature and animals.

It was atop this hill that Siobhan remembers creating her first poem. It married the life of a local man, affectionately known as the Ice Man (who lived rough in an old ice house) and a kind-looking homeless lady asleep on a cardboard bed outside Harcourt Street hospital (where Siobhan spent many weeks hospitalised).

Although chronically dyslexic throughout school, Siobhan completed a Higher National Diploma and Degree in Aberystwyth University Wales, a Masters in Aberdeen University Scotland and finally graduated as Dr. Siobhan with a PhD in Food Science and Technology in 2004 from University College Cork. After many years working in the food industry (which included research in food science, food development, industrial bakeries, chocolate factories and more) Siobhan was tired, in chronic pain and becoming more immobile daily from a condition known as Fibromyalgia.

About the AuthorAfter the birth of her first child in 2007 Siobhan decided to get healthy and retrain in a career that fascinated her and would allow her to work from home and be around her children. After graduating as a Touch for Health Kinesiologist in 2007, Siobhan further studied the art of allergy testing using a muscle test and achieved a Diploma in Complimentary Therapy. Siobhan continued studying and attuned as a Reiki Master, qualifying as a Feng Shui consultant, angel therapist, mindfulness coach, crystal therapist and shamanic practitioner and counsellor.

Writing remained a passion and Siobhan swapped scientific journals and thesis writing for her beloved poetry. Off-the-cuff rhyming poems and stories to sweeten her children’s bedtime routine broadened into poetry for adult mindfulness. In 2022 Siobhan began working on her dream of marrying her passion for nature photography with her love for creating poetry, and sincerely hopes you enjoy the resulting creation

Journeying - Photopoetry to Revive your Soul

and that it helps lower your eyes in peace.


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  1. Alison Crowley

    Journeying by Síobhan Maher is a beautiful calming book that contains beautiful poetry and images of Dublin . Such a lovely book to have on the coffee table to pick up when things are a bit crazy and hectic. It’s a lovely book to flick through with a cuppa .

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  2. Ailish Kenny

    Journeying is a lovely book, beautifully produced photos of areas where I’m familiar with. Insightful words for every week of the year. A book to be kept close for dipping in and out of, not just a one time read.

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  3. Kathryn Crowley

    ‘Journeying’ by Siobhan Maher is a book I will return to again and again when life becomes too busy and I need to ‘lower my eyes in peace’ as Siobhan says in her book. The outstanding beauty of the Dublin Mountains and beyond is beautifully captured in the stunning images, but the lyrical and memorable poetry that accompanies the images is what makes this book very special. It is the first Photopoetry book I have purchased and I am so glad I did.

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  4. Anna O’Connell Lyons

    Journeying by Siobhan Maher – a beautiful book to give and receive. I gifted it to myself, enjoyed reading it, returning at leisure to ponder on again and again.

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  5. Adrian Taheny

    “Journeying: A Photopoetry revelation by Siobhan Maher, is a captivating immersion into the essence of life’s ordinary yet extraordinary moments. Maher’s genius lies in effortlessly intertwining evocative photography with poignant poetry, offering a soul-stirring experience that transcends the mundane.

    This book is a respite from the ceaseless whirlwind of modern existence. Through arresting visuals capturing the overlooked beauty of everyday life and verses that resonate deeply, Maher invites readers to pause, reflect, and reacquaint themselves with the profound simplicity of the world around us.

    In a society tethered to technology, Journeying acts as a gentle but powerful call to return to nature’s embrace. The vivid colours, the whispers of sounds, and the palpable sensations portrayed in these pages rejuvenate the spirit, encouraging a reconnection with the forgotten marvels of our natural surroundings.

    More than a mere book, Journeying is an immersive journey of the senses. It not only stimulates the mind but also acts as a catalyst, heightening one’s awareness and appreciation of the world’s marvels. For those who embrace its invitation with an open heart and mind, this book promises an enrichment of life beyond imagination’s bounds.

    Siobhan Maher’s masterful blend of visual artistry and lyrical prose in Journeying beckons readers to rediscover the extraordinary in the ordinary—a transformative experience that lingers long after the book is closed.

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    Journeying – Photopoetry to Revive your Soul
    Journeying – Photopoetry to Revive your Soul

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