Leaving Childhood Behind

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In ‘Leaving Childhood Behind,’ book two of the Buried Deep in Shallow Ground Series, Mary Arlene Blake and her three friends are facing puberty. They are out-growing childhood and becoming adolescents in an Ireland where The Troubles and emigration were a fact of life. Living in a strait-laced society, where young girls are expected to behave properly, doesn’t deter the teenagers from falling madly and deeply in love.

As we follow the girls and their fun-filled lives, the discovery of human bones on the deserted grounds of the Mother and Baby Home is of no big concern to the authorities or to the townspeople. The priest said a decade of the rosary and the matter is soon forgotten about. The secrets of the past must remain buried deep.


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Honor Harlow is in her twilight years. As she looks back, she realises her life has not been the nice, quiet, predictable one she had envisaged she would live in her hometown. Life took her out of her familiar comfort zone and threw her into the world where sometimes she managed to go with the flow and other times had to battle against the wild waves. Life broke her more than once, but each time, she picked up the pieces and patched herself back together. Honor writes about what she knows best – emotions. She takes us into other people's hearts and souls. Her characters are not stick-figure from a romantic novel or dare-devils from an adventure story but real-life people. They go through life loving and hating, crying and laughing, living and dying. We watch them, enjoying their antics as they go about their normal lives

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