Ode to a Tomboy

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“Every girl is very different, it’s really great so I get annoyed. When people call some princesses, and other girls Tomboys.”

As seen on Ireland AM and The Irish Times.

Why do ‘they’ label some girls princesses and others Tomboys?
This snappy rhyming and beautifully simple illustrated story explores what it predominately meant for a little girl to be called a Tomboy. It challenges the stereotype in a fun way and reassures children you don’t and shouldn’t have to tick certain boxes to fall into a label. This book will give reassurance to young girls who might be labelled a Tomboy already that it’s ok to enjoy and explore all aspects of their lives.

Suitable for up to 7 years old.

About the Tomboy book
Emma-Jane grew up as a quintessential Tomboy and was happiest in her dirty ‘working clothes’ (combats and a cowboy hat!) and hanging out with the boys. She noticed her youngest daughter had similar traits and was inspired to write this story following a conversation with her. Her daughter was hiding that she liked certain things because people had told her ‘you can’t like/do that, you’re a Tomboy.’ It struck Emma-Jane then just how many people had said that to her throughout her life.

She hopes this book will empower young girls to be, do and like whatever they want to.

Illustrations by Emma Healy.
Emma Healy is a freelance 2d animator and illustrator based in the west of Ireland. She has a BA in animation and motion design. She loves to work both traditionally and digitally. Emma has been drawing since she was old enough to pick up a pencil, She has not put it down since.

This book is 100% biodegradable and made with FSC accredited paper.


ISBN: 9781739143794

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Sold by: Emma-Jane Leeson
Emma-Jane Leeson is an author, artist and yoga and meditation instructor from County Kildare, Ireland. She has always been greatly inspired by nature which reflects in her books, writing, art and everyday life. Emma-Jane Leeson is the author of the popular 'The Adventures of Johnny Magory' children's book series. The series was written to encourage children to get outside exploring and learning about Irish wildlife and heritage in a fun way. She is the former Kildare Library Reader in Residence and regularly works with schools and libraries across the country promoting literature and creative writing. Emma-Jane hosts online courses for children and adults to 'Write & Publish their own book' in 6 weeks.      

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Ode to a Tomboy
Ode to a Tomboy


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