One Day at a Time

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Sickle cell disease—an unkind, unforgiving illness that doesn’t stand a chance against Kemi.
Despite a brave face, Kemi’s been fighting an invisible enemy for thirty-five years. A disease that threatens to take everything from her; her family, her dreams, her life. Her uncertain journey takes unexpected twists and turns, but she retains hope.
This raw, intimate peek into her life—the questions she asks and the unforeseen situations she must overcome—will inspire readers to never lose hope even in the face of great adversity and setbacks.
Life dealt Kemi devastating blows, left her in a place she didn’t wish to be, and she rose to the challenge. She fought for a better future and demanded more from life.
This is her story


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I could not put the book down! But, when I eventually did, I couldn’t wait to pick it up again and continue reading. It is an enjoyable, easy-to-read book full of lessons of courage, strength, perseverance, determination, faith, hope, triumphs, and love! Kemi’s unfiltered recount of her journey with sickle cell as a woman and a mum is such a brilliant piece of work. From her childhood to her love stories as an adult- I love every bit of it. This book is a must-read for everyone who knows someone, cares about someone, or has wondered about sickle cell. Kemi bares all the practical details.
But, most importantly, every SS warrior out there should read this book- The solution you need and how to get it is all in the book. HOPE IS HERE! The roadmap to a life free of Sickle Cell pain is here in this practical, real-life encounter of the author.
Obiageli Olubunmi-Davies


From the first chapter, this story was very captivating and relatable to the struggles of those with sickle cell. At times it felt like I was reading my own story. Seeing the growth in Kemi from that timid child to the woman that took charge of her health and life was remarkable. This book doesn’t just narrate a story; it educates the readers, open our eyes to the experience of many with the disease. But it also gives us all hope of not just getting cured but also true healing, so we can live life to the fullest and do all the things they told us were never possible, just like Kemi has done.
Miriam Kay


This book is very impactful and encouraging. It encourages our faith in God. It is a story about fulfilling destiny despite all the challenges encountered. Even though prophecy has been declared over us, it teaches that we have to wage war and run with prophecy, which was demonstrated in the book. I just met a young lady with sickle cell and intended to tell her about your story. Thumbs up to your hubby and sister; I’ve fallen in love with them. Who will not want to serve the God you serve? Well done.
Funke Adeoye


This is one of the most genuine, powerful and inspiring books I have ever read. Raw insights into what it is like living with Sickle Cell as a young child transitioning into a teenager and then a wife and mum, truly inspiring.
Funmi Vanessa Ullam


‘One Day At A Time’ is an inspiring book of courage and strength. I found myself holding my breath as Kemi relates the intensity of the pain she endured with each crisis and then continues with her life. It’s an amazing story of a woman determined to win no matter the odds.
LaDona McAlister


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About the Author Kemi Tijani is a mother of three children, two boys and a girl. She works in the Early Childhood  Care and Education; she works with kids between two years old and above. She particularly loves to work with children with special needs using her own experience to support the child and their families. Kemi is passionate about nutrition, knowing “we are what we eat” and how food can nourish children to support their growth and development. She takes it upon herself to educate kids from an early age about the importance of eating healthy through storytelling. She has a diploma in Speciality Food Production and hopes to educate children with books and help parents find cooking healthy food accessible and enjoyable.

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  1. Michelle

    One day at a time is an inspiring story about hope.The strength and determination the author showed in her fight against sickle cell disease is amazing,even in her darkest times she showed that having hope and being as brave as she was can change your life.I highly recommended reading this book not only if you suffer from sickle cell but if you have any other chronic disease you will be inspired by this amazing lady and her journey to a better life free of pain.

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    One Day at a Time
    One Day at a Time

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