Only Strangers Here

@ Noel Howard

Tensions simmer above and below the surface in the blistering summer heat of 1911 in Shandrum, where the village atheist challenges everything around him: church, state and perceived values.

But it is his friendship with a young boy that brings things to another level, with implications, not only for himself and the boy, but those on either side of the religious divide, with priest and rector increasingly caught up in what appears to be an intractable problem.

When Edward Sheldon brings his new wife, Victoria, a former suffragette, home to live in his mansion close to the village, another unexpected dimension is added. Will she too be dragged into a cauldron of divided loyalties, religious and political intrigue, violence and bloodshed?

Can the adolescent boy survive in an atmosphere where guilt and innocence are blurred, prejudice thrives, and perception is everything? With forces not to be underestimated set against him, is there a way out for himself and those closest to him?

Summer 1911 is remembered as one of the hottest on record but in this quiet Co. Cork village, it is remembered for much, much more.


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Noel Howard is a retired social care worker and manager. In 1973 he moved from a teaching career to the Irish Juvenile Justice residential child care system where he worked until his retirement in 2008.

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