Stones Corner; Turmoil (Volume 1) Indie Award Winner 2022.

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2022 Indie Award Winner, 5***** Jane Buckley

     I authored my novels to remind the world that the precious, brittle peace we have here in Northern Ireland must remain, and we must never return to the dark days of the Troubles. As a result, Turmoil V1 is an intense, gripping fictional thriller with numerous twists, turns and plots based on actual events.

     It is the first in the Stones Corner tetralogy, Turmoil, Darkness, Light, and Hope (Winter 2023). These stories are honest, unbiased, and hard-hitting, and for you if you love a terrific thriller with individual stories that form cliffhanging endings!

   Turmoil will take you to the city of Derry, 1972, where you’ll smell the CS gas and hear the swoosh of petrol bombs and British army Saracens in full throttle charging along its narrow streets. You’ll witness the carnage of ordinary people living their daily lives, some interned or injured, caught in conflict. You’ll find a sense of empathy for the men and women determined to keep their families and friends safe and secure.

   Beyond this lies a discriminatory love story, an endeavour by a young, determined Scot to save a community dependent on the survival of a local shirt factory. And finally, the experiences of a naive British soldier who arrives in the city and can’t understand why he is so hated. Watch as the young private’s feelings evolve and change through time and events…You won’t be able to put Turmoil down!


ISBN: 9781912328710

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Sold by: Jane Buckley

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ABOUT JANE                      Jane Buckley was born in Derry/ Londonderry, Northern Ireland, in the late 60s and is the author of the Stones Corner Volume 1, Turmoil and Volume 2, Darkness.  Jane is currently working on Volume 3, Light due for release in September 2022.  The final in the tretalogy Volume 4, Hope will be available in late Spring 2023. Like many of her generation, she had to leave to find work elsewhere. At the naïve age of 17, she moved to London, where she lived and worked for over twenty-five years before moving to Nice, France. Along with her husband John (born in Cork, Ireland), they finally returned home in 2017 and lived in Donegal. They love it but have forgotten how unpredictable the weather is! Since Jane lived predominantly in London throughout the awful time known as "The Troubles", it was apparent – and still is today – not all the facts of the horrific events in Ulster – perpetrated on both sides of the warring factions – were presented in an accurate and unbiased way. This bias was especially true in mainland Britain. Over recent years, the couple recognised that many of the people they'd been fortunate enough to meet on their travels worldwide didn't understand why or how the conflict here in the North of Ireland began and why it continued for three decades. Jane found this particularly frustrating and decided to take it upon herself to inform them and others by writing a historical fiction series based on her own childhood experiences and around events from this horrific period in Ireland's history. She says writing was a frightening project at first, given she'd never written anything substantial before but, being Jane, she'd write not just one novel, but a tetralogy, hence Turmoil, Darkness, (Light and Hope!).  Jane believes that we need to move on from "The Troubles" as a country while never forgetting how and why they occurred. In recognition of the hardship and suffering endured by so many of our friends, family, and neighbours, we should continue to embrace the healing and reconciliation process.  


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  1. Anne M Harris

    I’ve read both of Jane Buckley’s books and can’t wait for the third in the series. She has managed to take a troubled era in the history of Northern Ireland and through gripping storytelling, manages to show the reality of life at that time, without ever showing bias. That’s quite a coup!

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  2. Jane Buckley

    Siobhan Prendergast
    Jun 25, 2021 1Siobhan Prendergast rated it – it was amazing!

    Jane has a wonderful way of writing, she gently guides the reader into the story and without realising when the transition happened you find yourself sitting alongside her characters or walking the streets of Derry city with them. Walking to the factory with the young Catholic Caitlín and her best friend, listening to them chat, I felt I was laughing with them. I cried too when on a much anticipated shopping trip one of young innocent girls were brutally injured by a bomb blast – an everyday occurrence.

    The reality of life in Northern Ireland was brought home in the words of Jane Buckley as she led us through the Troubles of Derry City and the lives shattered by the conflict and war. How could we empathise with the handsome but privileged James, nephew of the factory owner – but yet, somehow, we do! We feel Caitlin’s youngful anticipation of first love through her dangerous liaison with the Scottish protestant James. We somehow understand how the youth can be cajoled or angered into uprise and violence. Above all we feel the joy and the utter heartbreak and devastation that the conflict has on all families and all of the individuals – no-one escapes unscathed.

    A superbly constructed thriller, written in a style that is accessible to those of us who may never really understand what it is like to live in a war zone; the backdrop for their lives, it’s not extraordinary to them, it is, shockingly, their everyday lives. Stones Corner really makes this clear to the reader, despite the warzone, despite the bombings, the threat, the constant fear, these real people must live their lives.

    This book transports us into the very shoes of the characters and allows us for a short time to walk in their shoes and hear their thoughts and feel their emotions.

    A thriller with a lot of backbone and an enormous depth. It keeps the reader holding his breath to see what is going to happen next.

    I loved it and I am so looking forward to the sequel. Thanks to Jane Buckley for Stones Corner. Read it!

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    Stones Corner; Turmoil (Volume 1) Indie Award Winner 2022.
    Stones Corner; Turmoil (Volume 1) Indie Award Winner 2022.

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