The Budget Book 2023

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The Budget Book 2023 by the Irish Budgeting Mammy

Can you believe we are heading into our third year of The Budget Book?

If you are return customer or brand new, this final planner has everything you need to make your life easier.

You might wonder what makes my planner different from the other million planners out there? Well I will let you in on a secret, IT WORKS!

From the 1000’s of customers I have had purchase my planner, I have equally as many comeback to let me know their success and repurchased the planner as return customers.

The method I use is called the pay yourself first method. This basically means you move money into your savings BEFORE you do out your budget. After this you deal with your fixed expenses such as direct debits, household bills and mortgage/rent. Moving on to your cash envelopes expenses such as food, fuel, kids activity’s. Anything that can be adjusted and does not have a weekly set price. This budget system uses a zero based system. Where you are the boss of your money, you give each euro a job and you sit back and watch it work.

Next is Sinking Funds which is basically big yearly expenses such as Christmas, back to school and birthdays. So your not ‘hit in the butt’ when these roll around and they do pretty fast. Finally any extra debt payments you may need to make to kick your debt and lead your way to financial freedom. Freedom from your the pressure of struggling with your money.

Alongside this there is space for your goals, space for you to track your sinking funds, space to track your debts and emergency fund. There is space to track your money so you can go ‘hey, no more coffee this month’. Each month you have the opportunity to review not only your figures but your emotions. Do you know that most of our spending habits are based around our psychology and who we are as a person? My planner guides you in learning more about who you are rather to avoid the pitfalls of emotional spending.

Much of our relationship with money is around our thought process. Affirmations throughout the book will help you make money your friend rather than your enemy. Try it and see how your outlook changes and life will flow.

My system is easy to follow without any complicated measures. The planner can be used monthly, bi-monthly or weekly. There is space for everything. I designed the first planner back in 2020 because I couldn’t find a planner with all my needs catered for. I was on maternity leave and using this method anyway in a refill pad, so I knew it worked. While on maternity leave during I saved for a new boiler 5k, saved 1k emergency fund, saved 4k for unpaid maternity leave and cleared 5k in credit union loans using this system. Not bad going on 500euro a week pay.

My story is documented on my Instagram page. So what’s stopping you? Get going today and your future self will thank you for it. Don’t forget to message to let me know how you get on!



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The Budget Book 2023
The Budget Book 2023

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