The Caroline Jordan Mystery Series Book 1 and 2

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A fun Modern Murder Mystery -SIGNED COPIES
Caroline has a dead minister of state, a new job to manage, a fledgling PR company to save – the last thing she needs are rumours of murder and a strange policeman dogging her steps. Can she outwit the murderer, save her company, impress her new VIP client and most importantly, survive? She’s not sure but fueled by vodka, rage and steely determination, she’s going to give it a good try!

When Minister Damien Fitzpatrick is found dead at his desk, everyone assumes it was natural causes. Caroline Jordan has spent 4 years keeping the Minister on track, hiding his volatile personality and building his public image as a good family man and serious politician. Now she’s facing social Siberia and a serious setback for her new PR firm. Not to mention her best friends and colleagues Paula and Stephen…

Meanwhile DS Doyle is faced with the unwelcome news that a Minister has been murdered and the prime suspects include the leader of the country, another Minister, several high ranking officials and Ireland’s most brazen gangster turned property developer. When Caroline finds herself dragged into the mess, one thing becomes clear. She is going to fight to the bitter end for Jordan PR, her employees and her new VIP client. And if she can manage a romance with the gorgeous but elusive Rory Fitzpatrick at the same time, why not!



New Friends. New Clients. New Enemies.
Old Secrets…
As the banking scandals of 2012 hit Ireland, Jordan PR are about to pitch for their biggest contract yet. The Bank of Leinster desperately need help to rehabilitate their image and Caroline Jordan is ready to step in – the only problem is the body in the meeting room!

This time Caroline is determined not to get involved. Her colleagues/best friends are getting married, political reforms loom and there’s an iconic art exhibition to arrange. Not to mention that Bank contract is still up for grabs. But in Ireland all things are connected and old secrets bind strange bedfellows.

As she begins to realize the web of lies and scandal stretch from the art world to the board room, DS Doyle pulls in a favour – can Caroline possibly resist investigating the rising Body Count?


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Sold by: Geraldine Moorkens Byrne Author
Geraldine Moorkens Byrne is a writer and poet from Dublin, Ireland. A graduate of UCD, she worked in Advertising and Publishing before joining the family Music business, a 150 year old music shop in Dublin. She retired in 2021 to become a full time writer; as a poet she has had her work widely published in a variety of print and other media, and have won several awards; her first collection Dreams of Reality is available on Kindle/Kindle Unlimited. She has written short stories including A Stranger Among Friends which was a prizewinner in the Cunningham Short Story Competition 2019, published in the winners Anthology. The Body Politic was her first detective novel, and is the first book in the Caroline Jordan Mystery series. The Body Count is the second in the series and will be followed by number three in 2022. She is also a teacher and writes ceremonies for life rites. She lives in Dublin with her husband, and family; she is currently researching a non-fiction book/online resources on the Rosc, and Irish Music in folk magic. Other projects in 2022 include a podcast series and a standalone crime fiction novel. Contact her at [email protected]

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The Caroline Jordan Mystery Series Book 1 and 2
The Caroline Jordan Mystery Series Book 1 and 2


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