The Wrong Mr.Flynn

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He’s a cold and calculating deceiver, she’s a devoted mother of two. Trapped in a deadly marriage, can she find the courage to break away before it’s too late?

Sarah Flynn long ago accepted her role in life as protector of her two sons. At thirty-seven, she suffers regular abuse at the hands of her husband Tom. Her twin boys, Dean and Charlie, are thirteen years old and are the only source of joy in her life. Yet it had always been enough.

But when her husband Tom’s behaviour begins to deteriorate, she realises not only is her life in danger, but her boys’ futures are in jeopardy. Devising a crafty plan, Sarah is ecstatic when she manages to pull of the first part and experiences a rare but wonderful taste of happiness.

Putting the second part into action is a tougher challenge however, but with the help of Tom’s brother Gary, she is determined to grasp hold of her newfound freedom.

Finding out about Tom’s mistress Justine, his brother has nothing but discontent towards this woman, and he finds it difficult to understand why Sarah is trying to help her. But only Sarah could know how cold and calculating her husband truly is and believes her husband’s mistress to be an innocent accomplice.

Tom will stop at nothing to get his wife back but manages to appear unconcerned to those around him. With Sarah now rising from the ashes, self-assured and unrecognisable, he realises he must now create a plan of his own. Constantly scheming and plotting, Tom likes to think he is always one step ahead.

With tensions running high and emotions boiling over, the four of them are thrown together in a deadly encounter.
Four People fight for their lives – One will perish.

But who will it be?

Certain to pull on heart strings, The Wrong Mr. Flynn is the inspirational story of how Sarah Flynn discovers the strength to escape an abusive marriage, touching the lives of those around her and transforming herself back to the woman that hid within.


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Gráinne Farrell is a Marketing Consultant and lives with her partner and three children in Co. Meath, Ireland. She also lectures in Digital Marketing and Strategy at City Colleges Dublin. Gráinne began her writing career with a nonfiction business book called Power Marketing in early 2021. Her first fiction novel The Ultimate Betrayal was published in June 2021 , quickly followed by The Wrong Mr. Flynn which was published in October 2021. Gráinne is currently working on her third fiction novel. If you would like to find out more, please visit grainnefarrellbooks.com.

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The Wrong Mr.Flynn
The Wrong Mr.Flynn


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