Seán Kelly, Waterford

Seán is 70 (plus VAT) and is a semi-retired / self employed / part-time writer. Most of his earlier contributions were comedy scripts for local theatre and radio. His recent presentations can be regularly found on the letters page of Irish Independent / Examiner / Mail.

The Dog-Sit-Affair is his first effort at a serious novel. It's set in Dublin and is a mixture of mystery / murder / smuggling , laced with a large dash of humour. It is currently being written-up as a screen play, so watch this space.

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by Seán Kelly      

About the Book

Looking to escape her personal grief for a while, Haley could never have envisioned the type of adventure and danger that would cross her path when she took on the role of "dog-sitter."

A young Haley was widowed in 2011 when her husband James, a senior civil servant, died in a helicopter crash while working in northern Russia. Russian sources confirmed all five on this flight died, including ‘Conrad-Kremlin,’ the organiser of this trip.

Doing her best to get on with her life in the UK following the disaster and taking a part-time job at an antiques shop in town, Haley never imagined the turn of events that would follow.

Little did she know that a call for help from her Dublin based sister would set about a chain of events that thrust ‘dog sitter’ Haley and her loved ones in danger but also see her step into a role she could never have imagined for herself.

Her training and awareness of security measures from being the wife of a top official would see her embroiled in a diamond heist, dangerous criminals, gangland feuds and a visit from her past that chilled her to the core.


This is an impressive first novel with a good plot that keeps you guessing until the last page.
It’s a light, easy read that will also make you smile.
The central character is unusual and unpredictable and she might be open to further adventures. John O'Connor ( RTE Papers weekly review)