Alex Koster

Hello there, my name is Alex Koster and I am so happy to meet you here. I am a mindfulness, nature pedagogy and ecotherapy practitioner with a passion for all things Health and Nature – I believe both are intrinsically related. This passion extends out to a strong commitment to respect, protect and lovingly connect to our environment and Mother Nature, as we can’t have healthy humans on a sick planet.

My professional background is in education/nature pedagogy, mindfulness, ecotherapy and holistic health modalities. I am also the author of the multi-award-winning book “Roots and Wings – Childhood needs a Revolution”, a handbook for parents and educators to promote positive change based on the principles of mindfulness. Apart from my professional interests, I am the mum of two beautiful daughters, and like any parent, I want my children and future generations to grow up healthily and have a future on our beautiful Earth.

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