Anthony lives in Celbridge for the past 20 years with his wife and three children. He works full time in Construction. He was born in Birmingham to Irish parents, he is one of six children raised by his widowed Father. Anthony took his writing hobby a little more seriously when he did a home study course with Kilroy’s College in 2013 and it opened up a new world for him.

He went about his first draft of ‘The Will of Annie’, then did another course of creative writing in Maynooth University. Anthony is currently well on with his second book which is fiction. Find out more on his social media pages anthonygiblinwriter


On Writing – Anthony Giblin

The beauty of writing is it belongs to no one, it doesn’t belong to a class of society nor to a level of wealth, its free, once you can write at all you can write it all. Writing is a powerful form of voicing using words to express what you see , what you feel, it’s a simple craft of communication from your mind’s eye. Words are shared but the writing must be your own, anything less can seem equivocal.

Anthony Giblin © 2021
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