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Hi, I would love to introduce myself. I am Martina, and I am a mum of four teenage boys. I am an holistic therapist of over 20 years, specialising mainly in Reflexology and Reiki. I am an avid fan of meditation and practice it each day. Through my holistic work I discovered the amazing power of gratitude. This book is my way of bringing this awareness to the fore and is specifically aimed at young children. I read to my boys from a young age and its a lovely way to spend quality time with the children whilst conveying very important messages in a fun way. Grateful Grainne is the first in a series of books, my next one is out now and is about my uncle Austin, who passed away in 2013, and had Down Syndrome, it is called Amazing Austin. Watch this space for my next book about self love, called Original Olivia, I hope to have this available in Winter of this year. Thank you all for your amazing support.
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