Claire Keating and Sinéad Dore

Our resources have been designed to help children deal with big emotions and to promote well-being through rhyme and fun activities.

We feel passionate about helping children feel content, happy and relaxed in their mind and body. As teachers, we know that young children learn and develop valuable life skills through story, rhyme, fun and active learning. Introducing simple breathing techniques, positive self-talk and gratitude will help alleviate any stresses and worries, while building happiness, confidence and resilience in children as they grow. Our aim was to create books, rhymes and activities that teachers, parents and guardians can easily use and that children can thoroughly enjoy to promote well-being.


The ‘Breathe with Bea’ series aims to teach children the very important message that all feelings are ok! There are no bad or wrong feelings. Feelings are like visitors – they will come, but they will soon go. Being able to recognise these feelings in your body, naming them and learning strategies to cope with them are key features of the series.
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