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About J.M. Murphy

Looking back I have never fitted into any slot, and I guess this is why I love to create magically gifted characters, that like me are looking for that bond, that feeling of connection with somebody who likes oddballs, understands difference and accepts human frailty and create for these characters a journey, into a reality where they can finally feel like they belong.

When I am not writing or daydreaming, I love walking in dark, moody, wet, windy, weather and taking photos of our Celtic coastline and spooky looking trees. After a brisk battle with the elements, I like nothing better than to come home to a good book, a strongly percolated coffee or if I am in the mood for it, a steaming hot toddy (whiskey) with plenty of cloves and a little lemon.

My inspiration is drawn from contemplating the existence of other dimensions and alternative realities and from an early age my favourite reading companions have been moody, fantastical, emotional stories full of magic, mystery and adventure and it is from this love of the mystical that the yearning to share my own imaginings was born. And as I travel down this exciting new road of fantasy writing, my greatest wish as an author is that you, the reader will enjoy reading Calloway Falls and ensuing books as much as I have loved writing them.

If you read any of my books and have a few minutes spare, I would be grateful you could review it on ‘Buy the Book’ or Goodreads. I know it is a pain but it is the only way  indie authors like us who don’t have big budgets can compete with the big publishing houses. Thank you. http://www.jmmurphyauthor.com

J.M. Murphy is the pen name under which I write my books.



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