Michelle Mittal

Michelle Mittal is an 11 yr old girl who lives in Ireland, “Lost in History” is her first children’s book. She is so proud of her achievement.

Today, Michelle is a student of sixth class. Apart from reading books, her favourite subjects are Maths, Science, and Irish Language (Gaelic). She considers herself as an emotional person, and a loyal friend. If she is not spending time with her friends and family, you can certainly find her hiding, reading books in her bed, or writing in her diary.
Her friends, and family know that she loves fun-facts, and she wouldn’t miss an opportunity to show off her knowledge! 😊
Michelle loves cooking and baking in her free time. According to her, daydreaming & fiction is part of her day-to-day life. She loves studying her dreams and keeps a dream journal.

‘Lost in History’ is suitable for ages 8-12. The book is about two sisters, Amy and Julia who find a mysterious golden watch that turns out to be a time machine. They time travel to the past and end up getting lost, many secrets need to be revealed. The book revolves around an interesting story which will take you into an imaginary world.

When you finish reading the book, Michelle would love to hear your feedback!cropped IMG 20230328 180605 Bokeh 01 scaled 1

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