Patricia Keely Murphy

Patricia is an artist who lives in Kilkenny with her husband and three children.

Originally from Leixlip, County Kildare, she is a third generation artist whose father, Liam Keely, taught her to look beyond the obvious and see the magic in everything; to find the faces in the stones and the sky. Patricia is drawn to the beauty of the natural world where imagination is free to perceive the life within – the Fungalbods have sprung from such perception.

The Fungalbods are mushrooms that have the spirit of our faeries and the personality & mischievousness of the modern-day Irish person. They transcend the barrier between mythology and reality by incorporating qualities from both.

Patricia currently has three Fungalbod stories published – Plop’s Hat, One Final Gift, and A Little Bit of Air. She is planning on publishing a new Fungalbod adventure early next year.
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