Ruth Cotter

Ruth Cotter is a young mother from in Co. Kildare, Taidhg the Tiger & his Little Ticker is her first Children’s Book and it is inspired and written for her son Taidhg. Having lost Taidhg, her first born,  to a congenital heart defect in November of 2021 at just 6 weeks old, Ruth felt compelled to give Taidhg some permanency in the world. Ruth wanted to let the magic of her very brave little boy Taidhg live through the pages of a fictional book for other boys and girls to enjoy and take comfort from. This book not only helped Ruth tell Taidhg’s story but it also offered Ruth a great connection to Taidhg after his passing through bringing him to life in this book. Ruth and her family proudly support the Childrens Heart Centre in Crumlin Children’s Hospital with proceeds of the book being donated to the CHI.

Taidhg the Tiger and his Little Ticker

Taidhg the Tiger and his Little Ticker

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