Susan McGovern

Susan McGovern was born Susan Monahan in 1957 in Dublin, where she lived for the first 23 years of her life. She now lives in Dundalk with her husband, two cats and a dog.

Susan worked as a Science teacher and later in Further Education for 35 years in Malahide, Achill and O’Fiaich College, Dundalk. 

Susan has a wide range of interests, including travel, complementary medicine, walking, reading and playing the drums. She also greatly enjoys writing and often brings the dog for a walk to work out a plot-line. 

Susan started writing in 2013 when she retired.  Her first book was a factual book called “Care and Prevention of Urinary problems in Cats”.  The title explains what it is about and Susan researched and wrote it in 2014 since one of her cats at the time had urinary problems.  The cat, Trig, still lives with Susan and her husband and has had no urinary problems since 2014.  The novel “Vanished” followed in 2015 and this is about an 18-year-old girl who vanishes into thin air one night.  It deals with what happens before, during and after the disappearance and how this affects her family and friends.  2017 saw the publication of “Thanks for the Memories”, a collection of short stories about people with Alzheimer’s and their families.  This is a very well informed and heartfelt book since both of Susan’s parents and many of her extended family had Alzheimer’s.

The above three books were self published, but in November 2021 Susan’s first children’s book, “The She Team”, was published by Austin Macauley.  The main characters are four cats, a dog and two young boys.  The animals in “The She Team” are all current or past family pets and the boys are Susan’s grandsons.  The sequel to this book, called “The She Team Does Lockdown” will be released by Austin Macauley later in the year.
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