Tom Lawlor

Tom Lawlor is an Irish photographer with an international reputation. Tom worked as a photojournalist with the Irish Times for 17 years. His commissions included assignments in Northern Ireland, the USSR, India, Bangladesh, Africa, Greenland, China, and Thailand. His publications include: Dublin – One in a Thousand, Tom Lawlor at the Gate and Ways of Knowing.                    Fulfilling his love of Jame’s Joyce’s Ulysses, “Sirens in Bloom” is his response to the centenary anniversary of the publication.

Leo O Connor is the CEO of Súileir, a gallery of primarily photographic images, covering many aspects of life in modern Ireland. To mark the 100th Anniversary of the publication of James Joyce’s Ulysses, Súileir invited the Dublin photographer to re-visit the novel and see if he could find parallels with contempory Dublin. The result is a book of exceptional pictures portraying the women in Ulysses with an original and distinctive interpretation. Súileir is proud to have published a book with such unique and exclusive work for your enjoyment
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