William Disdale

Hi there, I grew up in the suburbs of Reading, England throughout the 1980’s, 90’s and 00’s.

The mystery of life has always been there for me. Even if a lot of the time it took a back seat while I went forth and learned from my surroundings, it was there; subtle and ever-present.

Convinced that scientific endeavour could explain the world, I was drawn to it from an early age, and rode the academic travellator all the way through the education system to complete a PhD in the mathematical simulation of automotive catalyst deactivation. Really. People study this. I was proud of myself… for a bit. But thought the topic was so narrow and specialist it was almost irrelevant, and did not represent closure to my ‘wanting-to-understand-life’ desire.

It was after the PhD when I really felt I started to learn, but it was more an introspective investigation of my relationship with consciousness than it was a discrete topic or a subject out there in the world.

The next phase of my life was like an awakening. I’d become a motor-racing instructor (you might get a taste of this in chapter 17), and had an unusual set of coincidences lead me to investigate a link between thought, and how things unfold in life. I concluded that imagination had a purpose more fundamental than I’d ever… imagined?

This lead me to open up and I travelled. I lived in Sydney for a year, where I seemed to meet the perfect people at the perfect time, leading me to further conclude that life was most likely a grand simulation, operated by a higher consciousness that our human-minds fail to perceive, and navigated by our imagination. On a chance meeting, I went to the Amazon rainforest to take part in Ayahuasca ceremonies with the Shipibo tribe, seeing how they live and experiencing an altered consciousness. The subjects of thought, feeling, emotion, synchronicity, de-ja-vu, dreams, awareness, identity, spirituality and consciousness all seemed… more obvious.

How to convey my journey from science to spirit in words was hard, but I wanted to tell my story for the benefit of others, so I explained it through fiction and “This Soul’d World: The Rise of Consciousness” was the result and hit the amazon shelves in late 2019. People seem to like the story and for that I am humbled.

I am not religious, but whether you are, or you aren’t, I think this story will have something for you. Why not give it a try?


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