Sinead is a mum to 3 children.  She is a wife, sister, neighbour and spends half her time on the side of a hurling or football pitch cheering on the two eldest.  Her baby loves singing and dance classes.  She lives on one of the only hills in the midlands in Ireland and loves the view of the bog that appears to change throughout the day.  She loves the outdoors, cooking, nature especially butterflies, clothes, eating out and movie nights.  She is passionate about buying local and sustainable food and products.  She meditates regularly and is spiritual by nature.  Sinead’s gut instinct guides her life and choices.  She is a heart centered person who believes that were all equal regardless of status or title.

Sinead passionately believes that all humans have the ability, to meet their own needs if they are supported and empowered to do so.  She is driven to guild people to a better understanding of the needs behind behavior and how best to use their own strengths and abilities to live full happy and peaceful lives.  To use the words of Sadhguru “Every situation is an opportunity.  Either you harvest well-being or suffering – it is your choice”.
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