Soraya Quigley, Dublin

Soraya has been baking and cooking gluten free and regular recipes for almost 35 years and has gained a lot of helpful information for those who are unsure not only with gluten free recipes but all baking and cooking. She runs a welcoming group on Facebook and cozebakes has a growing following on Instagram. 

Soraya has published Baking from the Heart which is a collection of 58 tried and tested gluten free recipes.


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by Soraya Quigley


About the Book

Baking from the Heart is a collection of 58 tried and tested recipes for those who are coeliac or gluten intolerant to remove any mystery and help the novice or experience baker to produce great gluten free bakes every time. The book contains not only Gluten Free recipes but those that can be Dairy Free and recipes that have non refined sugars.

Helpful hints and tips along with information on substitutions and managing a Gluten Free Kitchen combine to make this Gluten Free Recipe Book a wonderful addition for any kitchen.