Tony O’Connor lives in the seaside village of Blackrock Co. Louth. A retired accountant, he began writing the stories 15 years ago.

The majority of them are set in Connemara, Co. Galway, Ireland.

Followers of Sherlock Holmes should enjoy these stories featuring the private detective Sedgewick Harris and his friend Jonathan. Set in the west of Ireland of the 1950s, they take you through the towns and villages of Connemara as the duo become involved in remarkable adventures. Mystery and intrigue occur in Clifden, Oughterard, Louisburgh, Roundstone and among the lakes, mountains and valleys of these wonderful places.

The stories are pacy and exciting with quirky humour and touches of nostalgia that remind us of other times. Welcome to the weird and wonderful mind of the incomparable Sedgewick Harris.

Sedgewick Harris is a 43 year old mathematician who has come to Ireland to stay with his old university professor Jonathan Wilson in Co.Galway.  In 1939 Sedgewick  attracted the attention of the British Secret Service and was assigned to work on The Enigma Project at Bletchley Park, for the duration of the war.  In that extraordinary place his brilliant unorthodox methods did not go unnoticed.

When the war ended he became a private investigator in Balfour Street, Mayfair, London.  At first sight he did not inspire confidence.   Six feet tall, thin and stooped, he had the appearance of being undernourished, but his  remarkable ability, aided by his photographic memory,  astonished people and soon he was the talk of that city and his services were much sought after.   Unmarried, with few close friends, he is prone to depression.
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