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Irish Owned


Kevin McCormack

Kevin McCormack is a writer, coach, and spoken word artist who lives in Co.  Cork, Ireland.

He came to prominence as a poet during 2020 when he shared recordings of some of his works on YouTube and other social media platforms.  His poems from during the late spring of 2020 (when much of the world was in ‘lockdown’), continue to resonate far and wide; gaining him a following from as far afield from his native Ireland as South Africa, South America, Australia, New Zealand, U.S.A. and Canada.

Opening with one of his most widely known poems – ‘If This Time’, ‘Verses Versus Verses’ is Kevin’s first poetry collection – a selection of widely contrasting pieces which demonstrate his versatility as an up-and-coming purveyor of words and imagery.

‘Verses Versus Verses’ is also available through Amazon as an Audiobook – voiced by Kevin Himself.
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