Granny Nancy – Ireland’s Oldest Lady Who Lived, Loved & Laughed for 107 Years

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You will never read a book like this again!


This is Louise Coghlan’s first book and it was written during the many lockdowns she spent cocooning with Granny Nancy. This book tells the story of Ireland’s Oldest lady Nancy Stewart who lived for 107 years and 326 days & how Granny Nancy became a global social media sensation in her final years.


The tale of two best friends who while locked into their home looked out and looked up & gave the world a reason to believe in hope, healing and happiness. From children to adults alike, the success of this book lies in its easy to read style along with lots of humour and over 130 colour photographs.


This is a book you won’t want to put down & one that will leave you smiling from ear to ear. Described as a book ‘every home should have’, the story of Granny Nancy and Lou will fill your heart with hope and happiness from the minute it lands in your hands. 


For more fun from Lou, her very popular Facebook home – is alive with laughter and love & is where Lou very much keeps Granny Nancy’s life shining bright.


Lou travels the world now as a motivational coach and communicator where she speaks of love, loss, loneliness and grief and also how by looking up to the light, we can cope with the darkness of this world. Louise writes weeks and produces a mini podcast every Friday on her Substack Newsletter which is linked here –


A few fans of this book include:

“Nancy lived with her husband and her family at their modest little home in Clonard for over 70 years. Up to a very short time before her death she still lived in the house with her granddaughter Louise Coghlan, who always described her as the greatest granny in the world. Louise adored her Granny and, in fact, I often slagged her that she had become Nancy’s media agent – welcoming the TV and radio stations of the world into the house alongside the print and electronic media for endless interviews and chats – and the best part of all that was the fact that Nancy clearly enjoyed every moment of it. Right until the very end, Nancy held onto her great dignity and her pride. She was a wonderful lady – a great person and a tremendous mother and grandmother. It was a great personal pleasure to meet her.  She will be fondly missed.” Ciaran Mullooly, RTE News Reporter

“Thanks Nancy for giving me so much hope in what was a really difficult time, and to Louise for sharing your lovely Granny Nancy with all of us.” Mairead Ronan, TV Presenter & Broadcaster.


“Lou has written a book we can all relate to, that generations to come will benefit from. The tale of a grandmother and granddaughter navigating an international emergency and how they invited us all in, to live, love and learn with them.” Sahm Venter, Journalist & Editor of ‘The Prison Letters of Nelson Mandela’


“Nancy and Lou, what a team. Their craic and connection was something special that moved past the now into the beyond. Because it moved people. Two good eggs nested together, forever and always.” Wallis Bird, Irish Award Winning Musician.



ISBN: 9781399936743

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Sold by: Louise Coghlan
Louise Coghlan is a writer, speaker, communicator & motivational coach from County Kildare, Ireland. Her writing has been published in The Irish Independent, U Magazine & The Irish Times. She has also worked as a full-time journalist for The Offaly Topic while also working for national radio station Newstalk as a researcher & contributing documentaries & being a guest panelist on Midlands 103. Louise also ran her own company Ceol PR for many years, helping artists and entertainers, as well as older people learning to use technology. She is very active on all social media platforms particularly with her Facebook Family on ‘Living and Laughing with Lou’ with over 20,000 followers. She writes weekly along with producing a mini podcast every Friday on   Since launching the book in October of last year, Lou has completed a ten week Irish tour, then took to the states for a three week trip meeting and greeting many of her fans across New York, Boston and Cape Cod. On her return she was invited to attend London Book Fair where she spent time with The Duchess of York, Sarah Fergusson who now has a copy of Granny Nancy's story in her home. Lou is now back travelling Ireland speaking about her love, loss and grief as she helps and heals people who are finding life heavy and continues to share her motto of 'looking up'. She will return to the states before the year is out. Her future is very bright as she carries the legacy of Granny Nancy in her heart to one and all. With her upbeat enthusiasm for people, Lou is making quite the name for herself , along with her social media live streams and her love of hugs, tea and smiles, this girl is just what the world needs.   “Louise conducted a book talk at Swing the Teapot in New York. She held the audience spellbound with her beautiful stories of faith, hope, and charity. Lou has a talent for motivating and encouraging without suffocating the listener. Living and Laughing with Lou is easily done. We can't wait for her return. She lifts the room!” Ann Moynagh, Swing The Teapot, New York.

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Granny Nancy – Ireland’s Oldest Lady Who Lived, Loved & Laughed for 107 Years
Granny Nancy – Ireland’s Oldest Lady Who Lived, Loved & Laughed for 107 Years

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