New Zealand, a far-flung destination famous for sheep, adventure, hobbits and some might even say, Gareth Chapman!

These days however, Gareth could quite possibly be found sitting at a desk in the Slieve Aughty mountains, a range of ‘large hills’ as he calls them which are nestled on the outskirts of County Galway, Ireland.  It is in these mountains that he is lucky enough to have a wee family, a wee house, a wee block of land and a couple of dogs, a rabbit, a cat, a horse and a mortgage.  That’s right, he is a kiwi living in Ireland!

Writing to Gareth is about sharing.  Sharing ideas, sharing stories and sharing laughs.  With a stroke of your pen you can create anything!  From toast eating dragons or snuffling hedgehogs to fairy lights in windows and spooky old cottages. The only limitation to a story are the bounds of your imagination.  That is the magic of writing.
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