Krista is the author of Girls with Curls: The True Tales of Girls with Curly Hair and Hair Bear: A Tale of Curly Hair Love. The idea to write children’s books came from her many years spent in the classroom as a teacher reading books to her students. She dreamed of the day she would read to her students a children’s book that she had written.

The inspiration behind Girls with Curls and Hair Bear came from her four curly-headed daughters. She thought it would be fun to share a glimpse of their “world of curls.” People often had comments and questions about their curly hair.  

While Krista originally wanted to write a fun book that gave some insight into what it’s like to have curly hair and teach her girls to love their hair through lessons of self-acceptance, she realized that the books she wrote were much more than that. Her children would literally see themselves and their family in this book and be proud of that! It also gave the chance for other children to feel represented in children’s books.

Krista grew up in Southern California, USA, and spent most of her adult life there. In 2021 she and her family moved to Connemara to be nearer to her Irish husband’s side of the family. When she’s not spending time with family or exploring her relatively new home, she continues to dive into her all of her creative passions like writing books, blogging, and creating digital products for moms and teachers.
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