Máire Malone

Máire Malone was born and bred in Dublin, Ireland.  When she moved to the UK as an adult, she followed a career in Counselling and Psychotherapy.  She enjoys unravelling the power of dreams and her first novel, The Dream Circle, was born in 2019.  This novel was selected as a finalist in the Eyelands Award for published books in 2019.  Máire has had an essay entitled, ‘Dreams: our last wilderness’ published in the popular Irish-American newspaper, The Irish Echo, in 2019.

She has had short stories and poems selected as prize-winners in competitions and published in anthologies.   A flash fiction entitled Walking Back to the Future was published in Story Cities – A City Guide for the Imagination. Publisher Arachne Press 2019.

Her second novel, Hungry Trails, historical fiction about the Great Hunger 1847-1852, began as a poem in 2005, grew into a short story until it was delivered as a published novel in 2022. (Silverwood Books)

This story follows the Foley family as they carry their dreams from the horrors of disease, starvation and eviction in Mayo to North America where they struggle to live more prosperous lives.

Máire has been interviewed on Irish and UK radio on a number of occasions.  Interviewers include Martin Logan (Out and About Manchester Irish Radio), John Lowry (The Irish Connection Wythenshawe FM), Gerry Byrne (Irish Radio.org), Iain Pritchard (Hertfordshire’s Mix 92.6 and Nessy Monaghan (The London Ear).


‘A touching, atmospheric, and culturally rich family chronicle.’ Kirkus Reviews

‘’Hungry Trails’’ is a must-read for those who appreciate intricately crafted stories that transport the reader to another time and place.  Malone’s exquisite prose and rich descriptions paint vivid images of the characters and their surroundings, immersing readers in the trials and tribulations of the Foley family. (Five Star Literary Titan Award Winner)

”Hungry Trails’’ receives five stars and the ‘’Highly recommended’’ award of excellence from The Historical Fiction Company.

”Malone’s ability to immerse us in this poignant account of resiliency is amplified by countless period details and a dialect that is both approachable and readily believable…I heartily recommend it.’ Susan Morris, Independent Book Review.







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