Mary Heeran White is Irish living in County Clare, with her husband, two daughters, and cherished dog Cassie. Hailing from Leitrim her diverse background encompasses a three-decade career in banking and entrepreneurial ventures. Re-kindling her passion for writing, her extensive professional journey provided rich fodder for her storytelling. Holding an MA in creative writing, Mary captures narratives of characters interwoven within the diverse fabric of Irish society.

Her first book ‘Wild Atlantic Way Anthology: Characters Along Ireland’s Majestic Coast’ spans across nine uniquely diverse counties along Ireland’s majestic coastline.

These stories confront the human condition through gripping real-life challenges. They delve into the extraordinary resilience and personalities of their inhabitants, shaped by their landscapes and heritage, often encountering twists of fate that induce both uproarious laughter and profound heartbreak.

This book was recently reviewed in the Meath Chronicle:

Book Reviews – Meath Chronicle 27012024

In her forthcoming novel, ‘Falling for Zac – ‘An Intercultural Love Story,’ Mary navigates the challenging journey of an immigrant pursuing his promised land. When refugee Zac’s falls in love on Irish shores, he unwittingly becomes embroiled in complex challenges posed by cultural and religious disparities.


Awaiting publication, her debut novel ‘Memoir of a Whistleblower’ delves into the intricate world of love, deceit, and betrayal. As banker Cathy O’Donnell falls for David Malone, a beguiling Solicitor who shrewdly manipulates legal documents to swindle millions from Banks, she faces moral dilemmas with damning consequences.

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