Orla McConnon Bakeberg

I am an adventurer, an entrepreneur and a lover of all things creative

Born in Ireland, my childhood was full of the outdoors, and sunshine when we had it.  We moved to South Africa where I travelled extensively, feeling everything African within her earthly beauty

Natural light photography became my “thing”, as I always seek to find the picture within the picture

Connecting the words always swirling in my head became easier when we returned to live in Ireland again a few years ago.  Ireland has an enigmatic beauty for the written word and I felt encouraged to inspire through my positive way of writing, my positive way of looking at nature

Art is passion and my dream is to share what I see, feel, think and write with the world.  In an inspirational way

Living in Mayo opens one’s eyes to magnificent beauty around the island of Ireland.  Lighthouses, expansive fields, spectacular colour and vibrance in spring flowers, blue skies with bubbles of joyous clouds, wild and calm waters surrounding an island of incredible history with magnificent architecture designed over centuries

I am home again and delighted to be now sharing my creative journey with the world, as I produce and launch my first book, Life Threads

It is never too late to find your passion, to feel inspired and allow your dreams to become your reality

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