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An epic tale of growth, love, loss and renewal, from Goddess to Saint.

‘I am Brigid’ tells the story of one of Ireland’s most iconic women in her own words.

Spanning over 5,000 years Brigid’s story is blended with words of wisdom to empower the women of today to live as fearlessly as she did.

The book captures the stories of other iconic Irish figures such as the Morrigan, Dagda, Cú Chulainn and more.

Taking over a year to research, write and illustrate, this book dives into Irish history and mythology, from the Tuatha Dé Danann times to the modern day.


About the Author

Emma-Jane Leeson is an author, artist and yoga and meditation instructor from County Kildare, Ireland. She has always been greatly inspired by nature which reflects in her books, writing, art and everyday life.

This book was an exploration into Irish heritage and mythology for Emma-Jane which she loved researching and bringing to life.

Brigid has always played a role in her life, from gathering rushes and making crosses every February for as far back as she can remember, to rambling along Saint Brigid’s path with her cousins in Allen, County Kildare.

Deeply fascinated by Irish mythology, Emma-Jane was determined to use the funding from the Brigid 1500 fund to delve deep into the stories and events that shaped the most iconic woman in her home county.

She hopes this book will empower young women to be as brave and bold as the fiery Goddess and as wise and caring as the modern saint.


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Emma-Jane Leeson is an author, artist and yoga and meditation instructor from County Kildare, Ireland. She has always been greatly inspired by nature which reflects in her books, writing, art and everyday life. Emma-Jane Leeson is the author of the popular 'The Adventures of Johnny Magory' children's book series. The series was written to encourage children to get outside exploring and learning about Irish wildlife and heritage in a fun way. She is the former Kildare Library Reader in Residence and regularly works with schools and libraries across the country promoting literature and creative writing. Emma-Jane hosts online courses for children and adults to 'Write & Publish their own book' in 6 weeks.      

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  1. Liam Robert Mullen (verified owner)

    Let me say first of all that I liked the inclusion of a Saint Brigid cross with this signed edition. It was a nice touch by the author – Emma-Jane Leeson. The little message where the author signed her name was unexpected too – “Embrace your power.”
    The artwork is unusual in that the author did it all herself. It looks like pencil work, perhaps charcoal. Whatever was utilised it works.
    The author also quotes poetry at the conclusion of each chapter that’s quite apt.
    The writer has a funny knack of utilising modern lingo in what is after all a tale of early Ireland.
    The story draws on mythology and legends like Cu Chulainn and the Children of Lir to get her points across. Also included are rituals of the day, the power of magic for example. Animals like hounds, wolves and falcons are described vividly. The story is quite moving in parts especially in the closing chapters.

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  2. Laura Merren (verified owner)

    Just received my copy. Completely smitten from the off. A beautiful book, powerful messaging and very interesting take. Almost like a diary.
    Loved all the Brigid 1500 celebrations here in Kildare.

    Additional credit for the zero waste packaging. Very beautifully presented too. Thank you

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  3. Mary Heeran White (verified owner)

    I enjoyed I am Brigid and loved how Emma-Jane reverence for Brigid shines through on every page and celebrates the spirit and legacy of our beloved Irish saint.I felt Emma-Jane breathes new life into the ancient tales and traditions surrounding Brigid. She captures the essence of Brigid as a symbol of hope and renewal and inspires readers to embrace the transformative power of faith and love. A great read for anyone looking for inspiration in the rich tapestry of Irish folklore and spirituality.

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  4. Teresa Quinn

    Such Fabulous books ta said go leir go hanmaith

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