The Courage to Shine

@ Eileen Forrestal

The Courage to Shine: Find Your Voice and Discover the Healing Power of Your Words

 by Dr. Eileen Forrestal

From Childhood Stutterer to Inspirational Thought Leader

The Courage to Shine is a powerful and inspirational memoir by Dr. Eileen Forrestal, a former anesthesiologist who transforms her life. From a lifetime of ‘putting people to sleep’, Eileen is now in the business of ‘waking people up!

When young Eileen accidentally overdoses on junior aspirin she suffers a speech impediment which she deals with by remaining silent in the shadows to hide her voice. 40 years later, unfulfilled and dissatisfied, with a failed marriage, a strained relationship with her mother, and in an outwardly ‘successful’ career, she wonders as so many of us do, how did this happen to me? Following this wake-up call, she leaves her successful career in medicine and starts a business writing and publishing inspirational and popular Get Up and Go Diaries.

In The Courage to Shine Eileen retraces her journey, acknowledging the courage it takes to tell the truth about one’s own life. She shares her story of finding her voice, healing a powerful mother-daughter relationship, and discovering the courage to shine.

Eileen is now a successful entrepreneur who finds joy and freedom in the healing power of words and encourages others to discover the same. She now lives a life “beyond her dreams” as an entrepreneurial thought leader, writer, speaker, and coach using her own words and wisdom, to share her story of finding her voice.

If you ever wonder if you’re living the wrong life, as if somehow, when “two roads diverged in a yellow wood” – you took the wrong road and wound up here, The Courage to Shine will inspire and uplift you. You may find yourself asking, does taking the path less travelled path make all the difference, or perhaps, Is there any such thing as a wrong road?



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Eileen Forrestal, a retired Medical Doctor who specialised in Anesthesiology, is the creative director in the business she co-founded in 2006 – Get Up and Go Publications Ltd - producing transformational diaries, journals and events for adults and teens. Having spent years in the background, both in her medical career (as an Anaesthesiologist) and growing her business, with the release of The Courage To Shine, Eileen is now coming out into the spotlight. She shares a message of the power of words as access to healing personal suffering, through powerful, courageous and authentic self-expression. Having suppressed her own voice for many years, reluctant to speak up for fearing she would be criticised, judged and listened to as a ‘stammerer’, and after a long a career where she put others to sleep (the irony is not lost on her!) Eileen is now at work ‘waking people up’ to the potential, responsibility and joy of their own self- expression, trusting the healing power of words to positively impact personal, and global, wellbeing. Eileen has already helped to transform the lives of hundreds of thousands of people through her inspirational Get Up and Go diaries. It takes courage to step away from a career, and it takes courage to step into your own personal ‘brand’, to shine in your own light. As author, speaker, coach and mentor, Eileen now uses her voice, her words, her unique story, her insight, her wisdom and her experience to encourage others to confidently shine in their own light to fulfil on their unique positive contribution in the world.

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