The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair

@ Joyce Murphy

by Joyce Murphy

About the Book

When I catch her

I throw her up into the air so high

That her hair flap, flap, flaps

Like a bird in the sky.

Meet Rosie Red, the girl with the Flaming Red Hair as she skip, hopidy, hops through her fun-filled life. Every day is just one big adventure after another!

The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair unfolds around playful Grandma, Rosie’s patient older sister, her trickster little brother, fun parents, her exasperated teacher and friends who first stare at her and are then won over by her fun, charm and zest for life. The story follows Rosie’s life experiences and day to day activities as she discovers herself and her relationships with those around her. Included is a fun facts section about red hair.

The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair is a fun picture book told in verse – a book that would make an excellent starter book for early readers. At the same time, kindergarten and preschool children can use this book for early learning as the verses provide a repeating word pattern which helps children, who are only just beginning to learn to read. Toddlers and younger children have been attracted to the bright and colourful illustrations and enjoy the rhyming sequences.

This delightful picture book will also appeal to children who enjoy rhyme books by Julia Donaldson and Rachel Bright and the occasional nursery rhyme.

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ISBN: 9781912328772

Seller Bio

Sold by: Joyce Murphy
I live in the South East of Ireland with my husband Pat and we are lucky enough to live beside the sea and have wild and mystical landscapes as our walkways. Nature is where I feel most at home, among the mountains of Mahon Falls, walking through the forests of the Glen of Aherlow in Tipperary and watching the waves rise and fall in the storms. I have been a scribbler all my life but it is now through the sea that I get my inspiration to write, especially when there is a storm. I wrap up well in my rain gear and walk amongst the passion of the elements and feel new stories being birthed within me. My goal is to inspire joy and play in children and to help our little ones discover themselves and their world through story. To this end I use my writing to instill a love of freedom and environmental values which runs through my books. I also believe in allowing each other to to live authentically and true to ourselves and our dreams. I am a self-published Irish author and a redhead. In Ireland we have a tradition of the seanachai - a storyteller who would pass down the history of their people through tales. These tales which often included trips to the Otherworld as it was called inspired my childhood and instilled in me a strong desire to tell my own stories. For more information please feel free to visit my website on

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The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair
The Girl with the Flaming Red Hair

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