Cloudless Reality

@ Peter Rawlinson

Are you ready to take a step into a radically
different worldview?

This book is an excursion into why we feel unfulfilled and
dissatisfied in life. Through investigations that span science,
philosophy, psychology, and spirituality, we find a common
thread that weaves through it all; a thread that leads to a
more fulfilled and purposeful life.
The topics discussed in Cloudless Reality are based purely
on our experience. If you have an open, curious mind and
a sense of humour, you’ll go on an exciting journey through
these pages. At the end of our excursion, you’ll look at the
world and your role within it very differently. You’ll also be
armed with practical tools to continue your own exploration.

You ready?


ISBN: 9798857150580

Seller Bio

Sold by: Pete Rawlinson

Pete has been an avid seeker of the truth for over twenty years. He has explored many aspects of science, spirituality, psychology, and philosophy to find the meaning of life and the world. Cloudless Reality is the culmination of years of investigation and introspection and is his first book. Pete lives in Cork, Ireland, with his wife, Fiona, their daughter, and Sadie, the pug.

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Cloudless Reality
Cloudless Reality

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