The Lucky Diamond

@ Valerie Murphy

What would you do if you found a talking Diamond?

Ten year old twins, Cathy and Alan, think they’ve solved all their problems when they find a Diamond while scavenging on the streets of Lowdar. When the Diamond reveals her face and starts talking to them, the twins’ lives change more than they could ever imagine.

Now the orphans, and their three sisters, are tasked with a mission that will take them from the only life they’ve known and introduce them to a world of magic and monsters.

Who is the beautiful Queen Rose, and what does she want with the Diamonds? More importantly, how are the gifts given to the children by their dying mother linked to a magical world they didn’t know existed?

Full of the importance of family, trusting yourself, and standing up for what is right, “The Lucky Diamond” is a classic fantasy adventure for all the family. 

“A hit for any middle grade readers who love magical quests and fantasy” LoveReading4Kids UK premier book recommendation site

“featuring astounding mythical world-building alongside writing that skillfully builds tension in all the right moments… the narrative is delivered with brilliant flair” BookLife Prize

“The author is an accomplished writer who knows how to get things moving, throwing in plenty of twists and turns to prevent the young reader from closing the book too soon” The Wishing Shelf

*** LONG-LISTED CAP Awards 2023***

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ISBN: 9781739990305

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Sold by: Valinora Troy
Valinora Troy is a children’s fantasy author from Co. Louth. She holds a MA in Creative Writing (Children’s & Young Adults), and has served as a panellist for CYBILs book awards. She recently published The Great Forest, the third book in her middle grade fantasy adventure trilogy. Book 1 The Lucky Diamond and book 2 Revenge of Queen Rose have both been long-listed and short-listed for several book awards. Valinora has recently been short-listed in The Staróg Prize. Visit her website or find her on twitter @ValinoraW) / X ( or @valinoratroy on Instagram

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The Lucky Diamond
The Lucky Diamond

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