The Ultimate Betrayal

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She’s a devoted mother and wife. Devastated by her husband’s betrayal, can she ever recover? He’s an unexpected love interest who sweeps her off of her feet. Will this be a new beginning or does life have other plans for her?


Laura’s world is turned upside down the day she finds out that her husband is having an affair with her old work colleague. Crushed and hurt beyond belief that he could do this to her given her past, everyday becomes a battle of will to survive. While juggling her new situation with her kids and marriage problems, an unexpected romance leaves Laura confused and unsure of where to turn.

Jack is a welcomed distraction for Laura. Handsome and charming, he gives her the confidence boost she needs to pick up the pieces of her life and dream of a better future. It’s all Laura could have asked for, but just as things start to fall into place another man enters her life, causing even more havoc.

Michael is a well-to-do property investor. Successful and handsome, not only does he capture Laura’s attention, he also offers her a job. Completely taken aback, Laura struggles to decide which road to take. Should she try and choose between Jack and Michael or take the easy route and hope that things will go back to normal?

Supporting her along the way is her best friend Sharon, who is tackling problems of her own. Relatively happy, a good job, and settled with her partner, Rob, of ten years, she is suddenly faced with a life-changing situation. Finding out that he isn’t the man she thought he was, Sharon is left both bewildered and horrified with Rob’s behavior. What demons lie in his past that are so bad he refuses to stand by her? Can their relationship can survive? Will Rob even come back? And if he does, is Sharon willing to have him?

The Ultimate Betrayal is a fast-paced romance, love, and suspense novel perfect for readers who enjoy romantic thrillers that take place in a contemporary, urban setting. It is a story that will have you rivetted to your seat from page one!

Order your copy now and join Laura and Sharon in this intense, romantic rollercoaster.


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Gráinne Farrell is a Marketing Consultant and lives with her partner and three children in Co. Meath, Ireland. She also lectures in Digital Marketing and Strategy at City Colleges Dublin. Gráinne began her writing career with a nonfiction business book called Power Marketing in early 2021. Her first fiction novel The Ultimate Betrayal was published in June 2021 , quickly followed by The Wrong Mr. Flynn which was published in October 2021. Gráinne is currently working on her third fiction novel. If you would like to find out more, please visit grainnefarrellbooks.com.

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The Ultimate Betrayal
The Ultimate Betrayal


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